Do French Kids Have ADHD More Than American Kids?

I found this article really interesting.  I read the book Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman several years ago with my book group.  We had a great conversation about social norms as they relate to parenting.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend it!  The French, along with many other countries, do it differently.  Is it better?  In some cases, I think it is.

The idea that the French use a totally different system of diagnosing ADHD is fascinating.  But what I appreciate more is the idea that they are going to determine why the children are having difficulty to see if there is an underlying social context problem.  Revolutionary, I think not.

While diagnosing children is a tough business, I think that people throw around the names of possible problems too easily.  I have families coming into my office all the time saying-  “The teachers think he may have a sensory integration problem.”  Now everyone is getting into the business of putting kids into a category.

Don’t get me wrong, some children do need a diagnosis in order to get services.  And often times, teachers have a great sense of a child’s performance and needs.  But I think it is the American culture that allows us to feed into all of these issues.  We need to name it in order to help/fix the kids.

Let’s change the culture for the sake of our kids, please.  What do you think?

Here is the article that I am referring to:

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One thought on “Do French Kids Have ADHD More Than American Kids?”

  1. WE also need to understand style and temperament of each of us. Parental fit with child type/style can be a challenge. Then we can understand ourselves better and see how our children might vary from us.


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