Getting Kids To Love Reading

Mondays are always a little chaotic in my house, most houses actually.  As I tried to get my children out of bed, my son greeted me with “Mom, I just want to stay in my bed and read.”  He had curled up with the latest Diary of A Wimpy Kid book and became absorbed in the story.  Truth be told, these are not my favorite books, but he LOVES them!  He sits in his room day after day reading and re-reading the stories complete with cartoons.  And you know what, I have learned to embrace it.

But I have also started to introduce him to other graphic novels and elaborate comic books too.  I go to the library and search for books that I think will appeal to him since he is not wise enough to choose new series willingly.  He loves his favorites so much that he can not look beyond them.

Ultimately, I hope that he will learn to love more complicated text.  I hope he will yearn to dive into a book that does not have pictures.  But I know that will come with time.

My tip for encouraging reading:

-Read to them early and often.  Snuggle up with that little baby and teach them from an early age that books are amazing.  Show them pictures, make up your own text, and don’t be discouraged when they aren’t that interested.

-Let children see you reading, and not just on a screen.  If they see how much you get enthralled with the words that seem to jump off the page, they will want to read too.

-GO TO THE LIBRARY!  I cannot tell you how many people are missing the wonderful community that exists in every town.  Check it out and see if your child is old enough to get a library card.

-Find a favorite book from your own childhood and read it with your child.  You will be amazed to see how this can transport you back in time for a few short moments.

-Turn off the screens.  Did you know it is Screen Free Week?  “On May 4-10, children, families, and communities around the world will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen. Unplug from digital entertainment and spend your free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends.”  Try to decrease your screen time this week even if you can’t eliminate it all together.

And for the record, we were late for school due to the reading yesterday, but it was all worth it!

Here is another article from the authors of well know children’s literature with additional insights:

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