Can You Teach Someone To Be Happy?

I absolutely loved the article “11 Things That Will Make Your Child Happier”.  And I read it at such a good time!  I generally think of myself as a positive and happy person.  I try to look at the bright side of things and believe that things do happen for a reason.  (Though I am not sure the reason we are getting soooooo much snow in these parts.)  I model a positive and happy outlook on life for my children in the hopes that they too will view the glass as half full.
But the idea of spending time each day asking questions that will help my children be happier is awesome.  I know it sounds like a tricky proposition, but I think the author is onto something.  Can I change my outlook by asking myself the questions first-“What are you grateful for?”  “What can we do to help someone else feel happy?”  “When do you feel the happiest?”  If I work on my own level of happiness, does that help the kids?  You bet!!!  Taking care of yourself makes you a better, happier parent.
“So this time use it for teaching your child that life is full of learning opportunities.  Happy people are people who are curious and always learning.”  Samantha Rodman, PhD.
Give it a try, ask a question or two, let’s see if it helps everyone feel a little happier!
Read this article for all of the questions-

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One thought on “Can You Teach Someone To Be Happy?”

  1. Gratitude journals! Such a simple way to tie it all together at day’s end. As an undergrad, I loved all the positive psych courses and Seligman’s work. I started journaling then and then started it with the kiddos a year or so ago. There is a great EdX course (free!) on positive psych- I believe it’s called The Psychology of Happiness. Two great books: Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness and Keltner’s Born to be Good. Let me know if you want to borrow- I have both 🙂


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