If I make a sarcastic comment about my kids is someone going to call the Department of Children and Family Services?

Let’s be honest, this parenting gig is not all hearts and roses.  While I most often try to keep a positive outlook and spread words that foster kindness, there are times that it is nearly impossible.  So rather than avoid the obvious discussion, I am putting it out there-parenting is awful sometimes.
Yup, you know the days that start with a whole lot of whining before you have finished the first cup of coffee.  The requests for _____ (insert your favorite-food, more toys, more screen time, another playdate.)  Add the greater than usual seasonal stress to this mix and bam you need a glass of wine, at 9 a.m.  Am I alone, no, but who can I trust to discuss this with?  Who will not call DCF if I say the words out loud-“my kids are making me crazy.”  And more importantly, what can I do to make myself feel better?
Sometimes you need to vent.  You need to tell a person you trust (you are thinking of these special people right now) so that you can get past the negative moment and move on.  And there are those times that you need to tell a FEW people!  I shudder to think of what could happen if you didn’t share those thoughts.  Venting is healthy.
I want to raise a glass to mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, babysitters, teachers, and anyone else who needs to vent about the less glamorous side of raising kids.  None of us are perfect.  We all strive to be the best, but often hit rock bottom in our struggle for perfect parenting.  So today I encourage you to find that person you trust to tell the ugly truth about your child who ____ (insert your aggrevation of the day).  Tell them that you want to run away to your own private island for a little respite.  Savor the moment of releasing that tension for just a spell.  And get over it because you are not taking that island trip today!  🙂
Do something for yourself today.  Eat a little chocolate.  Clean the house a bit (I can control something when I clean which makes me feel better.)  Dare I say, take a nap.  Or hide in the bathroom ALL BY YOURSELF!  Remember, humor makes all things seem possible.  Because this, my friends, will pass.  Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities for greatness.

Published by

Joyeux Parenting

I am the proud mother of two beautiful children and have lived in Boston for most of my life. I have over twenty years of experience as a Child Development Specialist working with new families, pediatricians at Mass General Hospital, and Early Intervention. I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding the challenges related to breastfeeding, behavior management, picky eaters, discipline, sleep, and development. I love being a wife and mother and sharing my experiences-the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am constantly learning about new evidence based information as it relates to parenting. Most importantly, I think it is crucial to recognize that we all make mistakes and learn from them. I am a firm believer that humor is essential as you navigate the world. Parenting should be full of joy and that is why I started my business Joyeux Parenting. Thank you for allowing me to share my experiences with you.

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